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All are well aware of the term YouTube. It is a social platform where you can watch a video related to any subjects like entertainment, study, cooking, etc. You can download the video to watch later. If you follow any YouTube editor then you get notification whenever they upload any video. You can use the YouTube app on your Android device and YouTube website on any web browser. Some of the users report that YouTube keeps pausing due to various reasons. It may happen if your internet connectivity is not strong enough to play video on YouTube. Another cause also possible that technical faults on the YouTube server, an issue with another program on your system or any problem with your web browser or extensions. Read this full article to get the solutions to fix this issue.

Steps to fix YouTube keep pausing issue:-

Here we discuss its causes and solutions. So, go with the below description carefully:

The slow speed of your Internet Connection:-

If your internet connectivity is bad then it buffers the video and keeps pausing it. So, improve your internet speed to fix this issue.

Now, close all other browser tabs and other software that may use this web, to increase the bandwidth which is available on YouTube.

Alternatively, try to adjust the quality of video playback with the help of the gear icon which is on the navigation bar.

Also, run a speed test on your internet connection with the help of Speedtest.net software. So, you can easily get the speed of your internet connectivity and close them which is promised by your Internet Service Provider.

Now, reopen YouTube and check if the error has been resolved and it works properly.

If you still get the issue then move to the next steps.

Problems in your web browser:-

If your web browser is not stable then it also causes YouTube to keep pausing issues. To confirm that issue in a web browser try to open YouTube in another web browser. If YouTube works properly on another web browser then it is sure that the issue is in your current web browser.

So, remove the cookies and temporary files cache to get the YouTube works again.

You have to check extensions and add-ons that are running on the top of the browser and disable them that clog to work YouTube properly.

Also, keep your browser and plug-in updated with the latest version. It will ensure that there is compatibility with the YouTube and technology that undergoes it.

Issues in other software:-

It may also possible that third-party app causes YouTube to keep pausing issue. It was automatic that downloads the files from Cloud, a security application that identify YouTube as a threat. You will face the torrenting program which is available on bandwidth.

In case, any other software is open when you stream video on YouTube then close them to work YouTube properly. It will definitely improve the smoothness of YouTube playback.

Now, reopen YouTube and play a video to check if the error has been fixed.

Faults on YouTube server:-

If there is any technical faults or bug on the YouTube server then it also causes YouTube to keep pausing issue. SO, you have to wait for few moments until YouTube fixes this issue because it does not happen on your end.

Go to the YouTube Help Center page online and check the known issue page to find out the details of every problem which is solved by the YouTube engineer.

Sometimes Jack of your device also causes YouTube to keep pausing. It happens to like video play, pause again play and pause continuously. And, the headphone also causes this issue. Go through the below steps to fix this issue.

If your headphone jack is the culprit:-

As we discussed above that the headphone jack also causes this issue. It will be awkward for you if you use a headphone to stream video on YouTube and voice is heard by your surrounding people. Android device has a feature which is called nifty that is used to pause the video or audio on your device whenever you removed your headphone from the headphone jack.

But, due to this feature, users face constant pausing video on YouTube. If you have several pairs of headphones then you can easily check whether the problem is in headphones or headphone jack.

If your headphone is the culprit then it tries to connect it with your Android device and pause the YouTube video. Use another headphone in your headphone jack and if it works then it is sure that the problem is in your headphone.

But, if the second headphone also not work then the problem is in your Android headphone jack.

So, go to the Android help center and tell them the exact to fix this issue.

Update YouTube with the latest version:-

If you are using an outdated version of YouTube then you also face the YouTube keep pausing issue. At most times, updates are easily shown on your notification bar if any update is available. You can also get it from the Google Play Store. Updates come when an app developer found any bug. Follow the below steps to update YouTube from Google Play Store:

  • First of all, open Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  • Now, open the menu by tapping on the three horizontal lines.
  • After that, click on My Apps & Games
  • You have to update YouTube and Google Chrome, so tap on the Update
  • After updating it, reopen YouTube and play a video to check if the issue has been resolved successfully.

Uninstall YouTube and then reinstall it:-

After updating, if you still face the YouTube keep pausing issue then uninstall it to fix this issue. Follow the below steps:

  • First of all, open Settings on your Android device.
  • Now, tap on the Apps
  • Search for YouTube and click on it.
  • Then, click on the Uninstall option.
  • After completing the Uninstallation process, go to the official website and download YouTube and install it properly.
  • Now, play a video on YouTube and check if the error has been resolved successfully.

In this blog, we discuss to fix YouTube to keep pausing issues. I hope, it is helpful to you. If you have any queries regarding this then call our expert’s tea to resolve them.

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