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As we know everyone aware of Facebook. And some of them want to post a PDF on Facebook. It is not impossible, you can post a PDF on Facebook by certain circumstances or certain ways in which you can work around the prime social media’s rules without breaking them. You can post a PDF on Facebook if you have a business page, a Facebook group or a link. And never try to post a PDF in your profile because you got a notification saying it is not allowed.


Why should I post a PDF file on Facebook?

As we know, although images are great and it attracts your friends and readers to your profile, the PDF file will be a greater addition to attracting more readers as you could provide more information with a PDF file.

One thing sure to know, images uploaded through a social site are often compressed, so the quality of your work may not always meet your standards. But the PDF file never changes its format or appearance even it is posted on social media. Post a PDF on Facebook will provide your readers with a great experience with the images and your text material at the same time.


How do I construct a shareable PDF file?

You can easily convert any .DOC or .PPT files into PDF files. It can be simply conversing with any online PDF converter that is free of cost. By using this free tool you will not only able to convert, but you can also do many things like edit, merge, split, sign, protect, translate, watermark and more. Most important things, it is free for unlimited use. It doesn’t require any sign-up or any future payment even it never asks for any information. And, your file will be secure as a private file, and it will automatically delete file within 5 hrs.


How to share a PDF file on your Facebook business page:-

If you have a business page, then it is an advantage to post a PDF file because Facebook allows businesses to post their menu in PDF format. First of all, navigate to your Facebook page, go on the link which is on the left side of the page and tap on About. When your page loads your page information, search for more info area and tap on add menu. Now, a pop-up window will open which will allow you to choose and add a PDF file for posting.


How to share a PDF file on your Facebook group:-

If you don’t use a business page but want to share a PDF file with your friends, then you can share your PDF file on your Facebook group. Just, go to your Facebook group or create one of the selected members, tap on that area where you post your text and images and select more. After that, a drop-down window will appear that shows you that you can add file which will allow you to share a PDF file.


How to share a PDF file on your profile as an image?

If you are not able to post a PDF file by the above two options then you can share your PDF file on your profile as an image. You can directly share your PDF file to your profile page and it is in the form of a link or an image, by converting your PDF file into the image using a free online tool. Because Facebook doesn’t allow you to post your work on Facebook profile.


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