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Most of the people use YouTube and everyone’s probably had some issue with it. When you find that YouTube not playing on your mobile or computer, there can be a grasp of different factors at play.  Although the YouTube site just loads fine but videos would not play, may be it too large for your internet connection to stream.

In other conditions, a page may not load correctly, in which case refreshing will fix the problem.

Reasons that YouTube not playing:-

Here are most of the issues that can stop YouTube from playing. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. Browser problems:-  When YouTube not playing, it is usually a browser problem. At most times, refreshing the page fixes the issue, but you may need to update your browser or clear cache.

      2. Computer problems:- Most computer problems that stop YouTube from working require only a simple restart. May be you need to update your computer at the same time.

       3. Internet problems:- Local networking problems can ordinarily be fixed by unplugging your modem and router and then plugging them back in. If your internet connection is slow, down the YouTube video quality will also help.

      4. YouTube mobile problems:- Most of the problems that stop YouTube videos from playing on the mobile device can be solved by closing and restarting the YouTube app, but you may need to clear the app cache or reinstall the app.

Solution when YouTube not playing:-

Here are the solutions of YouTube not playing:

  • First of all, refresh the YouTube page, and see if the videos play.
  • Try to adjust the video quality by click on the gear icon which is at the bottom of the video. And, select the smallest available number, and check to see if videos play.
  • Close your browser and reopen it. If any update is available, allow it to install and try YouTube again.
  • First, clear your browser cache and cookies, and reload the YouTube page.
  • Open a private browsing session, and navigate to the YouTube video which you are trying to watch. If YouTube works, then most probably issues in the extension, plugin, or your Google account.
  • Try to load on a different web page to make sure that your internet connection is working.If you have another one device or computer, check to see if YouTube works on it.
    If you use Wifi, move closer to the router, or try a different network.
  • In case, your internet connection seems to be malfunctioning, unplug your modem and router from power for a few seconds. Then plug them back in and check YouTube video play or not.

If, YouTube not playing still, try restarting your computer. At that time, allow your operating system to install updates if any updates are available.

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