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Google Chrome Critical Error is a tech support scam.  It is a security warning from Google Chrome that displays that your computer is under attack and someone is trying to steal your banking info. It also displays that your computer’s network connection has been blocked. The scammers ask the users to call a phone number to resolve the issue. It is just a scam and the site has not aware of what is going on your computer. So, you should not call on any such number.

Remove Google chrome critical Error

Google Chrome critical error makes it difficult for user to close the screen or even the browser. You can close every kind of browser based tech support scams by opening Windows Task Manager and ending the browser process. In Google Chrome Critical error, standard site advertisements display browser tech support scams that are also commonly used by adware programs. So, if you frequently see browser based tech support scams, perform a full scan of your computer for adware.
Why you See the Google Chrome Critical Error Tech Support Scam?

The Google Chrome Critical Error Scam reach to you via advertisements that redirect you to sites displaying this scam. These advertisements are shown by the installed adware programs or through less reputable sites that display them to generate advertising revenue.

If you see Google Chrome critical error scam, simply close the browser and start it again. In case, if you are continuously encountering scams like the “Google Chrome Critical Error” scam, then immediately scan your computer for adware and remove if anything is found.

Steps to remove Google Chrome Critical Error Tech Support Scam:

  • To be on safe side, print out instructions before starting.
  • Close the Browser Application using Task Manager.
  • Take the help of kill to terminate suspicious programs.
  • Try to Scan and clean your computer with Zemana Anti Malware.
  • To remove adware from a computer, use Ad Cleaner.
  • Reset your browsers back to its default settings.
  • Scan your computer for adware using Hitman Pro
  • Run Secunia PSI to find any outdated and vulnerable programs.

If you want to close Google Chrome Critical Error Tech Support Scam, you have to end the process for the browser that is currently displaying the Google Chrome Critical Error scam. To do this, go to the Windows Task Manager. Press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys simultaneously to bring up the Windows security screen shown below.

Click on the Task Manager option to start the Windows Task Manager. Once Task Manager is open, you will be in the Applications section.

Click on the Processes tab to get a screen that shows the running processes on your computer. Go to the option labeled Show processes from all users.

Scroll through the list to find your web browser’s process. Left-click on it to highlight the process you want. After selecting the browser’s process, click on the End Process option

After clicking on the End Process button, Task Manager will ask you to confirm your changes.

Press the Yes button to kill the process. Now your browser window will be closed.

Now the next time you open your browser, remember you don’t have to open the last opened page of browser.

If you are still facing any issue, you can take the help of customer support team anytime.

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